How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain


Did you know that playing a musical instrument is like taking your brain to the gym for a workout? Can you imagine how strong your muscle can develop by working out with weights. That’s nothing compared to the way playing a musical instrument can work out your brain! Check out the cute video below that shows what happens to your brain when you play a musical instrument.

There are many studies showing how beneficial it is for developing brains to learn a musical instrument. Like muscles in our bodies, it is beneficial for ALL ages to  play a musical instrument!

How Playing An Instrument Benefits Your Brain

I found it interesting that listening to music is good for your brain, but playing it is much better! Both sides of your brain. This is why the part of your brain called a ‘Corpus calosum’ increases in both volume and activity. It’s the bridge between the two hemispheres.

The video talks about musicians having enhances memory functions. We know that these benefits are unique to musicians as compared to other activities like sports and painting. The activities in your brain when playing an instrument are different than any other activity.

With the modern tools, we can actually take a peak in our brains to see what they do when performing different activities.

There are many reasons to learn to play an instrument. Helping your brain to develop is a good one to consider. This is especially important for kids as their brains are beginning to develop.

At a Home-school Convention a number of years ago, a mom ran to our booth. She wanted to let us know that her teenage daughter just loved our program.

She told us that not only did her daughter love learning to play the guitar but all of her grades were going up too! I’m not surprised knowing what playing an instrument actually does to your brain!

Besides making you smarter, playing music is very therapeutic. Another student always told me that playing the guitar took him to a different place. All the stress of everyday life disappears.

Playing an instrument has a lot of benefits, but when it’s connected with worship, it’s in another whole category. We can connect to our living God through music!


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The Mind of Christ and Our Brain Health

I recently discovered the work of Dr. Carolyn Leaf. A dedicated Christian, she has been studying brain health for over 25 years. I heard a video of hers just yesterday and was very impressed. As Christians, we have the mind of Christ and in Scripture we are told to meditate on God’s word and to think only on things that are pure and lovely. Our brains react to our thoughts and actually look different under a microscope when our thought patterns are too negative.

Some of the stories she told is of the transformation of children. She’s from South Africa and has worked with thousands of kids in their school system. One story of of a teenager who experienced very bad brain damage. The Doctor’s told her parent that she be a vegetable the rest of her life. Her parents, Christians, prayed and work with their daughter. After time, she was functioning at the 4th grade level. When they met Dr. Leaf, Carolyn helped them understand how to completely rewire her brain and she not only caught up with her 12th grade class, but exceeded it.

We are bombarded with negative messages from the media like the news and messages in our entertainment. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s good to know what’s happening where we need to be praying. Years ago I read a biography about Hudson Taylor. War had broken out in China and many of the missionaries in his care were in harms way. One of the younger missionaries was shocked to see Hudson whistling as though without a care.

When asked, he shared that when tough situations arise he always goes to his prayer closet and leaves it with the Lord. We are often called ‘sheep’ in the Bible and sheep are not made to carry heavy loads. Jesus even said to cast all of our cares on Him and that His burden is light. Here’s a video interview with Dr. Carolyn Leaf.

This is the original video I saw yesterday… Dr Carolyn Leaf

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